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Amy has been dancing hip hop since a young age and grew up with West African culture and dance. She has been active with dancehall for several years, and also participated in workshops within the style. She has respect for both African and Jamaican culture and how these are conveyed in the dance. Amy is part of an Afro/Dancehall crew - Savag3 - and has performed with fusion of Afro and Dancehall at events like Roskilde Festival, Distortion, Dancehall Madness and for afrobeat and dancehall artists from abroad.


Adam is the first male dancer from Denmark to study dancehall in-depth. He was introduced to Dancehall in DK, has previously been in the Jamaican Rifical Team and has trained intensively in both DK and Jamaica. He has travelled several times to Jamaica to learn and experience the authentic and rich dancehall culture. Adam founded Diversity Skankaz, a dancehall crew working for dancehall in Denmark. He has taught workshops and classes internationally and in DK. In class he aims to spread good energy and that students get the right knowledge. Adam has danced/warmed up for artists like IceKiid, Izzy, Okay Funky, Felicia Baby, Mr. Eazi, BRO and Madam Akothe from Kenya. He has performed in TV and events including ZULU AWARDS, Distortion, AfroBeat Madness and Dancehall Madness.


One of DK’s leading female hip hop and urban dancers and a graduate from one of the first years of the Hotstepper Dance Education. She has credits like CLASH CPH artistic director, The Nutcracker, judge at World Of Dance (WOD) DK, danced for hip hop legend Big Daddy Kane, performed at Ladies of Hip Hop (USA) and her choreography piece ANTS was selected for the SubUrban Dance Festival. She has won several battles including SDK Baltic, Urban Dance Meeting and Prop Challenge for Hip Hop Games DK 2 years in a row.


Artit has been dancing for 10 years and has completed the Hotstepper Dance Education. He has competed at several events and has won UDO, Kaufmann Cup, Hip Hop Unite, and 2nd place at Hip Hop international DK. Artit has also been dancing for Fazli, Top Gunn, OMEE and been assistant choreographer for We Loves The 90's Tour. He has several years teaching experience and has taught in Denmark, Thailand, Belgium, Sweden and Germany. Artit also runs his own dance video project focusing on the dance environment – AC PROJECT.


Brice moved to DK from USA and is an experienced dancer specialising in several hip hop styles. He has had a succesful career with credits including the world famous TV show So You Think You Can Dance USA, performing with Madonna and winning some of the world's biggest competitions: Hip Hop International USA, UK Champs, and KOD in China. In DK Brice has danced for Christopher and Danish Music Awards.


Camila is a professional dancer from Brazil with a background in gymnastics, university degree in Physical Education and a dance education from Hotstepper. She has taught several styles in Brazil and Denmark ranging from Brazilian Funk styles to Reggaeton and Afro Dancehall. She always seeks improvement and has attended many workshops with leading Jamaican dancers such as Zidan Xqlusiv, Gage Rifical and Shelly Xpressionz as well as USA icons such as Lyle Beniga, Dana Wilson and Natalie Gilmore. In Brazil Camila worked extensively in the dance industry on several TV shows, with actors, singers, MCs, samba groups and events. In Denmark she is part of the Latin Union Crew that includes famous breakers, and she has credits like Karen Mukupa, Hotskull, Jacob Forever Concert, Radio P3 event - Den Nye Stil, Distortion, Dancehall Madness and also IKEA commercial.


Caroline is a versatile dancer with a passion for underground styles. She is a school teacher, but also completed the Hotstepper Dance Education and received the ”Next Level” award for most progress. She is interested in hip hop culture, history and dance knowledge and has been studying underground styles including travelling to New York for dance. Caroline has learned from many legendary dancers including Caleaf Sellers, Tweet Boogie, Damon Frost, Sekou, Marty Kudelka, Leiomy and Soraya. She has taught classes in Copenhagen, taught workshops in various parts of Denmark and Spain, and was part of the Hotstepper Team running the dance education. Caroline has performed with different artists in Copenhagen, as well as being active in the underground scene where she did various showcases, battled in Denmark and USA and helps to organise events.


Ciara is a strong is a strong, versatile dancer with star-quality. She has been dancing since a young age and has always had dance dreams. Ciara has learned from many leading dancers in and outside of Denmark, she has 2 dance educations including Hotstepper Dance Education and she has also trained in France and USA. She can freestyle and choreograph getting the essence and feeling of the styles and can deliver high-level performance on stage. Ciara has danced in music videos, TV, concerts, festivals, battles and is becoming a popular dancer in industry. She has credits like Christopher, Karen Mukupa, Boye & Sigvardt X MAGNÜS, Frederik Leopold, Grace Carter, J Wild, Amro, Yakuza, Nick Jones, Jimilian, Gio, Navid, Micheal Williams and Baby Bino as well as TV credits like Guldtuben and TV2 De Største Øjeblikke.


Rash also known as Colosal Titan, grew up in Congo where dance was part of his culture. He is specialised in breaking and afro and with his dance company, La Folie Crew, he has toured with dance theatre. Colosal has organised competitions and battles in his home country and also entered battles with top results in Congo and Denmark. He has created a name for himself in the Afro scene with his teaching, projects and battles – for example he won the “Afia Presents” battle with afro dance in Sweden. Colosal has performed with artists from all over the world such as Singuila from France, Yemi Alade from Nigeria and Mims Beyana from USA. He has taught workshops in Denmark and Sweden and toured in Spain and Italy.


Emilio has been breaking for 14 years and is one of DK's best b-boys. He has won many battles and has been Danish breaking champion twice. He has won Hip Hop Games DK and overseas battles like Streetstar, Pop What U Got and Just Move It. He is in 2 of DK's best crews - Familia Loca and Villain State of Mind - and was a finalist in Denmark's Got Talent. Emilio also has credits like the Danish singer Christopher, hip hop legend DJ Static, Circus Summarum and theater shows throughout Scandinavia as well as China.


Profile coming soon.


Joel has been dancing since 1989 and is the co-founder of Hotstepper. He is one of DK's hip hop pioneers and has always been working for the hip hop and urban dance scene both local and overseas. Since the 90's he has helped organize local events and in the late 90's started DK's first school with break, locking and popping. He has competed at some of the world's major battles winning the first Scandinavian Battle of The Year, crew finalist at UK B-boying Championships, semifinalist solo bboy at UK B-boy Championships and participated several times at International Battle Of The Year. He has also judged for Asian regional qualifiers of major battles including Battle of the Year, UK B-boy Champs, R16, Hip Hop International and Bboy World Asia. Joel has other credits like the hip hop legends Sugarhill Gang, Melle Mel, Kurtis Blow, Fugees and De La Soul - artists like Justin Timberlake, Punjabi MC and the Prodigy. Joel has danced in over 20 countries with a whole range of experiences from street corner sessions with local crews to commercial shows in state theater.

Julie Marie

Julie Marie belongs to the best of a new generation of Danish urban dancers and choreographers. She choreographed the winning show at The Choreography Competition in DK, choreographed and danced for Djämes Braun, was co-choreographer of STOR - finalists at DK Got Talent. She toured with Infernal and danced for other top Danish artists like Medina, Nabiha, Mø, KNA Connected, Blak and Jimilian. She has also danced at The Voice ' 16 and X-Factor. Julie Marie has completed the Hotstepper Dance Education, attended other intensive courses, workshops and travelled to London and L.A. in connection with dance training.


Karen has been dancing since 1998, and is one of the owners of Hotstepper. She works a lot for the hip hop and urban dance scene in Denmark and overseas organizing events, workshops, judging, choreographing shows in DK, Norway and Brazil, as well as volunteering for Instituto Du Gueto in Brazil. Today she has danced in over 20 countries with a whole range of experiences from street cyphers in ghettos to shows in honour of the Danish crown prince.


Karen has danced for hip hop legends like Sugarhill Gang, Melle Mel, Kurtis Blow and artists like Punjabi MC and Kato. She has worked for global brands like Red Bull, Everlast, Bianco Footwear, Amnesty International, Schwartzkopf, FHM and Kia Motors as well as events like DeeJay Awards and Ladyfest. Karen has been active in competitions including winning the first Scandinavian Battle Of The Year, being finalist of Nike Woman Europe and participating in the other major battles like International UK Bboying Championships, Floorwars and Streetstar. She helped start the female Danish hip hop crew - Top Notch, and in 2017 the Brazilian crew Hotstepper B-girls. Karen is also former teacher and on-going mentor for b-boy Zoopreme (Rico Coker) from The Ruggeds - one of the world's top b-boys.


Kimberley is a versatile dancer that has long had a passion for dancehall. Even before she graduated the Hotstepper Dance Education in 2018 she was doing research and learning from many of the worlds best in dancehall. She has been to Jamaica to experience the dance and culture at source. Kimberley has taught at several schools in Sweden and has her own studio since 2011 in south Sweden. She coached and choreographed dancers getting 2nd place at UDO Denmark and 10th at UDO world champioship. Kimberley has indsutry experience ranging from music videos to choreographing musicals and dance modelling. Credits include: backup dancer for Ana Rab (Gnucci), Kumba, Hotskull and ALLONE music video. Shows for HM moments, RnB Out Loud, Summerstage Malmö, Emporia Fashion Week Malmö and for various dancehall nights and events. She has choreographed a musical in Helsingborg and ”Sommarlov” a Swedish TV kids program. Her school has been featured on Swedish TV and she has also been on Chinese TV in connection with dance.


Laura is a versatile dancer. She has been dancing with Hotstepper since 2014 and been part of their team and also completed the Hotstepper dance education. Laura has been a dance teacher at the Oure Summer Camp, and alongside teaching at Hotstepper, she works as a school teacher.


Malthe is "one of DK's finest" with experience ranging from battles to cultural performances in Beijing. He has been mentored by one of DK's hip hop pioneers - Steen Koerner, danced with the world-famous Robot Boys and practiced with leading poppers from USA, Japan and France. He has won and been finalist at Danish battles and top 8 for the prestigious Scandinavian Juste Debout. He has danced for the Danish queen and other royal family on several occasions including state visits abroad. Malthe has danced in many theater shows including the Nutcracker and H.C. Andersen by Steen Koerner and The Last Show by the Robot Boys. He has danced for Per Vers, Outlandish, Mund De Carlo and Eloq. Other credits include commercials for Lego and DSB as well as DR Ramasjang, P3 Gold, Zulu Comedy Galla and others.


Natasha is a versatile dancer with teaching experience in several styles. She has completed 2 dance educations including the Hotstepper Dance Education where she also choreographed the hip hop foundations piece for the graduation show. Natasha has dance experience in DK, France, India and Kenya. She has danced at Danish Music Awards for Aura, NYX Cosmetics, The Royal Ballet,  Coca Cola & Sprite commercial and has participated and choreographed for various competitions in Denmark.


Nicklas is a strong dancer and choreographer with a dance education from Hotstepper. He has a background in competitive dancing within the DDD and IDO leagues where he has been world champion twice, European champion and Danish champion several times. He has been teaching since 2015, at Hotstepper since April 2019 and has students in the IDO and DDD leagues with top positions including Danish champion. In industry Nicklas has credits like Christopher, Barcode Brothers, Leila K, Electrick Village, has danced on TV in TV2 De Største Øjeblikke, Tip Et Hit – DK4, Sygepleje skolen - TV2 Charlie and events/concerts like the Vi Elsker 90’erne Tour, Gay Pride Copenhagen and Club Awards.


Nora is an experienced dancer that has completed 2 dance educations including the Hotstepper education, Certificate Program from Millennium Dance Complex L.A., and been part of The Galen Hooks Program. She has choreographed and danced for Djämes Braun, Kato, Cisilia, Kesi, Liga, Pede B, Richie Stephens, X Factor, Voice, Danish Music Awards, Elle Style Awards and more.


Pernille is a strong, competent and versatile dancer. She has danced for many Dansih artists like Nik & Jay, Nabiha, Aura, Cecilia, Toybox, Golden Maiden, Hassanshah, Djämes Braun, and for events like Color Run, The Voice '16, Club Awards and X Factor DK. Pernille has danced since she was 3 years old and competed in tournaments since she was 6 including the European and World championships for dance schools. Later she has took the Hotstepper Dance Education as well as workshops and travel to London with intensive dance training.


Rebecca is a skilled, passionate and charismatic dancer who has learned from leading Danish and international dancers and graduated the Hotstepper Dance Education. She has a background in gymnastics where she was teaching since 2012, but pursued her love for dance where she started performing since 2013, and later from 2016 teaching commercial and urban styles at several dance studios. Rebecca and has worked with artists and performed at several shows, concerts and charity events. Credits range from Kræftens Bekæmpelse (Fight Against Cancer) to AnneLise concert, Hotskull concerts and various shows with Hotstepper and other studios she previously worked with. She has also been active in the underground scene entering different types of battles such as Clash CPH Cypher, Hotstepper Xmas Jam and That’s Hot Vogue Ball.


Ryan is a versatile dancer that has taught at Hotstepper since 2015. He belongs to the best of a new generation of Danish urban dancers. He has danced in music videos, TV shows, award shows, festivals and has danced for top Danish artists like Medina, Nabiha, Yepha and Anella. In addition to Hotstepper Dance Education, he has attended many workshops by world-famous dancers.


Sibine has been a popular teacher at Hotstepper for several years. She is a successful versatile dancer with wide ranging experience from dancing for the Danish queen to performing with DJ legend Peter Visti. She has credits like music videos for Kaka, Kato, David Jay, Bryan Rice, Sys Bjerre, J-Spliff, Johnson, U$O, Mund De Carlo, Fast Money and Richie Stephens. Other credits include L.O.C., Bianco Footwear, Distortion, Telia Parken and FCK Cheerleaders. As part of her dance development Sibine has completed the Hotstepper Dance Education, attended workshops including Urban Dance Camp and travelled to Jamaica to learn from local legends.


Sitthichai has been a teacher at Hotstepper since 2015. His credits include Cicilia, Toy Box, Electrick Village, Club Awards, TV2 Live – Smid Tøjet Gala in Tivoli, JD Sports Grand Opening in Fields, WAUW Models Final Awards, cultural events for Rødovre and Nørrebro Municipality. Sitthichai has completed the Hotstepper Dance Education and subsequently other courses and workshops. He is part of the TREE'O group with 2 other dancers from Hotstepper. Together they perform, choreograph, give workshops and participate at competitions.


Sofie has been dancing for more than 15 years and is a strong versatile dancer with several years of teaching experience. She has completed the Hotstepper Dance Education and has also taken part in masterclasses, workshops and camps. She has danced in several countries including DK, Belgium and USA. Sofie has danced in music videos, in the TV series Isas Stepz and she has won many competitions such as Hip Hop International DK, Hip Hop Unite DK and the world championships for dance schools.


Thomas is part of DK’s elite industry dancers. He has done work for several artists but is best known for choreographing the shows and tours of the Danish superstar Medina. Thomas has  danced world-wide and his experience ranges from music videos and concerts to TV shows and theater. He has danced for many top Danish artists including Medina, Mohombi, Infernal, Trentemøller, Nabiha, Ida Corr, Christina Milton, Shaka Loveless, Burhan G, Xander and Christopher.

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